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Human beings have been practicing land clearing for many years. To create space for development land clearing was done. Man cleared land in ancient times to create space for migration while looking for pasture and water. This enabled man to create path which he would use to access water and pasture. Growth in population has led to clearing of vegetation. In order to create space for settlements and urbanization.This has led to slow eradication of indigenous trees and birds, which depend on this vegetation for habitat.

The government conducts certain clearance in order to meet the demands of the people. Privatizing such activities isn’t appropriate. Water sources are found in forest covers. Which supports animal and plant life providing water for domestic and commercial use.This promotes industrialization in an economic setting by creating space for building manufacturing plants.The industries create job opportunities making a country to realize economic growth.

The vegetation can be made into beautiful parks attracting tourist. The tourist increase foreign trade making the country experience economic growth. Trees provide timber which is a raw material for construction and paper making among other uses.This makes it a source of livelihood for certain individuals who depend on timber business.

Deforestation has its negative side to. Hunger and famine is as result of deforestation. Hunger is critical it leads to death of both animals and people. People have been dying over the years due to hunger and famine. This could be have been prevented if proper measures would have been put in place to control deforestation. Deforestation has led to change in weather patterns making it quite impossible to predict planting time.

Weather changes are caused by greenhouse effect which is a result of gases building up.Trees absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen which support life but with clearing vegetations increase buildup of carbon dioxide which is harmful. Forest plays a significant role towards discovering new drugs. Herbalist depend on the forest to discover new drugs. Changes in climate may endanger the life’s people and animals.The effects are irreversible and put everyone at risk of facing consequences.

Clearing is also required clean places which are covered by unnecessary vegetations. Normally done at homes. The clearing requires one to have a good reason and proper planning on how the clearing is to be conducted. With numerous companies it becomes difficult to get one to complete the job.Detroit various companies have been registered to provide this services. The only difference comes in the cost of service. Clearing should be done based on your budget. Time is key when clearing so enquire on the possibilities of the time it may take to complete the task.

Clearing should be done based on purpose and the arising need so as to reduce the rate of deforestation.

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