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What you Need to Know About Online Music Production Platforms like Tellingbeatzz

Technology has rejuvenated the music production and licensing industry in that, music producers and artists can easily access beats for their music via the internet. Online sites that have music instrumentals for sale are becoming more and more by the day. Social networking platforms, beat shops and private music producer websites are several options where you can go and buy licenses for these instrumentals and start making your music as soon as possible. A good example of one such website which sells music instrumentals is Tellingbeatzz. This online music platform is not new to the hip hop rappers and RnB singers out there who are particularly active in the music industry. It provides a platform where various musicians can be able to get instrumentals for their music regardless of the genre.

If you are new to Tellingbeatzz, simply head there now. The beauty of this website is that you can listen to beats that are up for sale without paying even a single cent. You can listen to countless of distinct beats that have been made by various producers. This site has also grouped these beats in sub-categories so that it is easier for you to navigate through depending on the genre you want to listen to.

If you are visiting this website for the first time and you are in the music production and licensing industry, it is recommended that you go through these charts to find the beat you like. Do not only go through beats put up on the first page of the chart. Artists sometimes have a wrong perception that beats which appears on the first few pages of the chart are the best. It should not be taken to mean that they are the best beats on the Tellingbeatzz platform. For you to find the beat of your choice you have to go through the entire chart since you might find some wonderful and great beats sitting at the bottom of the list.

Once you settle for a particular beat for your music if you are an artist, you can click on the buy now tab on the Tellingbeatzz platform to purchase the music. In most instances, they might have specific packages in the form of licenses of which you can purchase them by paying through the internet platforms available nowadays. Upon paying, the instrumental alongside it license will be sent to you in form of a CD or via email. There is also the other option whereby you can be given a link that will direct you to the flash based music store you can download it from.

If you have any concerns about the beat or would like to have a one on one chat with the producer of the instrumental you have just purchased, you will need to sign up to the TellingBeatzz online platform to contact them.
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